The Marketing and Selling of Insurance

All too often consumers are led into purchasing policies that do not provide even remotely sufficient insurance to protect them from the effects of reasonably anticipated losses. It is crucial that you understand insurance well enough to be able to ask the necessary questions so you can assess the abilities of the potential insurance agents you contact and can help whichever agent you ultimately choose to procure insurance appropriate to your needs. There are three primary marketing channels of property and casualty insurance, particularly homeowners and personal auto insurance, in the United States. They are: 1. independent agents; 2. captive agents; and, 3. various forms of direct marketing. This latter category includes what nominally appears to be a variety of marketing channels often using direct mail. These channels are employed by GEICO, Progressive Casualty, certain American International Group mass-marketed insurances, often by direct mail, as well as other regional and national carriers, such as 21st Century Insurance (a primarily personal auto insurance carrier operating in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon). In some cases, a given insurer may employ multiple marketing channels. 

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